Demolition and dumpsters go hand-in-hand. You like to break stuff and we like to clean it up. Demolition projects in the Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York region are practically in our backyard at Rowling Container. No matter what size job you have, we have a dumpster for your job site and we’ll efficiently remove your demolition waste within Erie, Niagara, Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming counties.

Big demolition projects require dependable dumpster service and being from Buffalo, we know how to handle the local demand for building deconstruction, renovation and rehabilitation. We’ve built our business on being reliable, friendly and meeting the needs of our customers. We’re equipped to handle large-volume projects that require continuous and scheduled dumpster removal and we’re ready to help you with any other challenges.

Rowling Container not only knows its customers but also knows its trash. It’s no secret that recycling equals savings. We offer a demolition waste recycling program that can cut costs on your project through improved rates of recycling and higher quality recyclables – especially when it comes to the removal of creosote lumber, tires, and other waste materials.

Concrete and masonry aggregates, bricks, steel, wood and other materials all have established markets for recycling and reuse that can be used to offset your demolition costs. We work with contractors and homeowners to help them scrap what they can and can even apply that toward the cost of your dumpster. It’s not uncommon for us to pick up a container, go to the recycling center and return with a check for the renter less the cost of our services.

But, there is a subtle art to maximizing those savings by choosing the right recycling methods to match the conditions of your job site. Especially when it comes to the removal of creosote lumber, tires, and other waste materials, Rowling Container provides practical solutions, reliable service and excellent communication. We do this because we like to talk trash.

Dumpsters rentals for demolition disposal can be loaded with most types of debris including wood, plaster, metal, furniture and fixtures, clothing, carpet, pipes, wiring and general rubbish. It is acceptable to mix or commingle limited quantities of these wastes. However, if you have large amounts of a specific waste, it is better to use a dumpster dedicated to the specific waste material such as asphalt, bricks, block, unsegregated concrete.

Be sure to read our terms of disposal to understand the weight restrictions for our containers and what cannot be placed in our dumpsters.