When you’re undertaking a project, you might not even think of where you’re going to put all that construction debris. If you’re working on a home or commercial construction project in the Western New York region, Rowling Container can easily and promptly remove your construction waste once, or on a schedule.

Renting a dumpster is an economical and efficient way to take care of all that excess debris from construction projects. If you’re a contractor or provide handyman services, you probably have seen those off-the-shelf dumpster bags. They’re currently the new trend in trash solutions. However, you may not always get what you’re paying for with a dumpster bag.

Did you notice all those photos of dumpster bags you see – they’re full. They look great when all the debris is neatly contained in a fully loaded bag. However, have you seen those sad looking bags when the sides sag or collapse and the contents spill, blow or tumble out of the bag creating a big mess?

Or, have you driven past the same bag week after week? When you order one of those bags, it will sit on your property not until you are done, but until the company can come out and pick it up. That means after your construction project, you’re either going to have to revive that yellow patch of grass on your lawn or drive around the bag in your driveway. How convenient is that?

Did you know that dumpster bags are not reused; they are discarded in landfills, and take years to break down? Typically those dumpster bags only hold one-and-a-half tons of debris where our 10-yard dumpster holds more. This is not a very environmentally friendly option for trash disposal. Rowling Container approaches each load with an environmental stewardship mindset.

We’re in this business for you. When you decide you have completed the job, Rowling Containers will pick up the dumpster. If you think a dumpster is too large for your project, contact us so we can help you select the right size dumpster, often at price that is competitive with the dumpster bags in the Buffalo and Niagara Falls region.

We work closely with contractors to provide construction waste management that is affordable, convenient, local and environmentally friendly. Whether you need to price a dumpster for a bid, or you’re ready to start your project in Erie, Niagara, Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming counties, our team is prepared to meet your needs and clean up afterward.